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Community Living Support Program (CLS)

Man with mental disabilities wearing pilot uniformThe home is often the most comfortable place to live, thrive, and survive. We offer a community living support program so seniors and disabled adults can live in the home and community that they love. Here, we encourage and push them to be more productive and participative in pursuing goals and passions that they cannot do if they are somewhere else. Our goal is to make them feel and act as if they are really a part of a family or society that sees, appreciates, and needs their presence day in and day out.

The support we provide includes:

  • basic nursing
  • personal care and assistance
  • case/symptoms management
  • physical, occupational, speech therapy
  • light housekeeping
  • respite care
  • companionship and chaperoning
  • managing correspondences
  • assistance in non-personal tasks
  • recreational activities

We provide for highly-customized services at our client’s request. To start this discussion, call us at 678-960-5251 and schedule a free consultation today.