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woman teaching an elderly womanGentility LLC believes that individuals and their families should be given the right to choose the perfect venue where individuals get the care, support, and treatment that they need. We also believe that as much as individuals need assistance, they also need to feel independent and productive in a community where they get to actualize their purpose, visions, and dreams.

As a needs- and person-centered agency, we provide for various service opportunities that our clients can choose from. They include the following:

  • Residential Program. Some individuals find it more comforting to stay in a senior home or an assisted-living residence. We provide proper support for these individuals by providing them the assistance they need, wherever they are.
  • Community Living Support Program. We can provide trustworthy and safe caring at home should individuals decide to pursue home or community living.
  • Adult Day Program. We provide for the specialized daily needs of disabled adults to keep them physically, socially, and mentally healthy.
  • Nursing Services. Care by Professional Nurses – we provide the kind of care that most elderly or disabled individuals would need in their day to day lives.
  • Community Access Individual (CAI). We focus on providing the adaptive skills training for individuals who need improvement in their self-care functions.
  • Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS). For individuals who are eligible for coverage under the NOW and COMP waivers, we can provide specialized medical supplies upon request.
  • CCSP and Source. These are two Medicaid-based programs which can help the residents pay for the assisted living services they take advantage of.
  • Host Home Services. Gentility LLC is always ready to help you find the right host home provider for you or a loved one. We match our clients with the right host home providers in the local community.

We offer a free care assessment done by our professional and highly experienced referral coordinators. Set an appointment today. Call 678-960-5251.